Welcome to LegalDNA

Our aim is to help those who wish to ensure the future success of their children in the global legal industry. We know that a child’s future is one of the most important concerns for parents. We also know that the road to a successful law career can be hard and full of twists and turns, with many predicting that technology will make the future success of many lawyers (measured in PPEP and directory rankings) even more difficult.

Not all lawyers are created equal, and success can’t be guaranteed – but LegalDNA is here to increase the chances.

At LegalDNA, we help take the concerns away by providing you with certainty.

We are the world leaders at providing access to eggs, embryo and sperm from donors with recognised levels of success in the legal industry – helping you create the next generation of lawyers, and giving you immediate certainty as to the future success of your child’s career in the law.

Why have your children worry about their selecting their future career, when LegalDNA can influence the outcome from the very beginning.

Best of the Best

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Potential parents are supported by LegalDNA’s unique approach to the identification and selection of potential donors. At LegalDNA, we select only the very best lawyers to be our donors.

Our selection is based on a patented algorithm that includes reviewing the donors’ university education, their rankings in major internationally recognised legal directories, in addition to reviewing recovered billable rates, annual hours and PPEP. Our algorithms also take into account major industry awards won and firm pedigree.

Our confidential donor-matching process allows potential parents to select their donors based on law firm brands, with our Platinum Service giving access to eggs, embryo and sperm from Magic Circle lawyers and those UK lawyers working in London offices of American law firms.


Our cost effective service
Our Standard Service is often a useful starting point with many success stories.
Donors from domestic firms and those with PPEP between GBP£240K and GBP£320K
Our extra special service
For the discerning parents
Access to Magic Circle lawyers
Access to UK lawyers working in London offices of American law firms

Bespoke & Boutique Service

For those seeking access to donors with PPEP above £2m, we also offer a Bespoke & Boutique Service on request.

With donors from all major practice areas (except IP) we can match the desires and requirements of potential parents with suitable donors. Many of our clients decide their choice of practice area early on, with Banking & Corporate donors being one of the areas in high demand.

We also have a long list of Litigation & Arbitration donors on standby for those potential parents who seek to create a more argumentative future lawyer. Counselling for those parents who chose the latter, and are successful with the creation of their new lawyer child, is also available during the early to teen years through our ecosystem of partner organisations.

Creating life with LegalDNA ensures you have access to the very best genes in the legal industry, and ultimately helps you as parents create the very best lawyer of the future. More lawyers equals a happier and more profitable section of our society.

To apply to be a LegalDNA donor, please contact our team. Only 1% of donor applicants are accepted onto our program. We screen all donors and also grade donors based on our algorithm.

To ensure that we provide our potential parent patients with the very best LegalDNA, please note that academics or authors/journalists are not accepted into our program. We also do not accept applications from those who have not practiced for more than 5 years since the date of application. LegalDNA is only currently accepting applications from equity partner level applicants.